Liquid Fabric Softener

I had never tried liquid fabric softener before until I happened across a $3.00 coupon for Snuggle liquid fabric softener to go along with a buy-on-get-one-free sale at my local store.  Since the ending price was so low, I decided to go ahead and purchase the fabric softener.

Up until then, my fabric softener needs had always been met by my generic-brand powdered detergent and a Walgreens dryer sheet to get rid of static.  I confess that I was aware that my friend’s laundry smelled better than mine, and my sister’s towels felt a whole lot softer than any of ours.  I assumed that was because she had bought more expensive towels.  My sister recommended I use fabric softener, but I thought it was a luxury that wasn’t really worth the price.

The idea was to get your laundry clean and my detergent did that just fine.   However, I found that after trying it, the Snuggle liquid fabric softener gave my laundry the most amazing scent and my towels were so soft I didn’t want to put them down.  I realized that my inexpensive towels did not need to feel inexpensive.  It also seemed to me that there were fewer wrinkles in my 100% cotton clothing.

There is no doubt that I prefer the smell and feel of my laundry after using the liquid fabric softener but weighed against the cost, I am not sure our family can afford to use it in every load.  In a household of seven we generate a lot of laundry and the cost for the fabric softener is rather high.  I continue to search for fabric softener coupons and match them against local ads in an effort to duplicate my Snuggle fabric softener deal and I save the liquid fabric softener for loads of towels and pajamas.